Practical uses for "Houses - Flats - Businesses - Hotels - Universities - Pubs - Hospitals - Industrial Estates" wherever you need to Protect and Secure.

The " Defender Lock " System was born out of the Unforgettable personal experience of one of our Investors as a young boy.

His First Hand experience of seeing the Door to his Home kicked in and his Mother subjected to abuse led to the Development of the " Defender "

This Unique, Obvious and Purposeful locking system harks back in time to when rudimentary strength gave Comfort and Security to people in their homes.

Sadly, Home Invasions and Burglary are at the highest levels Ever, Crime in virtually all areas in the UK is up dramatically, Combat abuse against the Elderly, Vulnerable Women and Children and the devastating Psychological after effects of a Home being Burgled.

The Police are Drastically Underfunded and Understaffed, we Read about it almost Daily.

If You have Concerns about Your Safety and Your Property, take Better Control of Your Security by Getting behind the "Defender"

Prevention is better than the Cure.