Practical uses for "Houses - Flats - Businesses - Hotels - Universities - Pubs - Hospitals - Industrial Estates" wherever you need to Protect and Secure.

Q. How many keys come with each lock?

A. The standard number of keys supplied is 2.


Q. How do you order extra keys?

A. Use a Local Key Cutting service and buy enough spare keys to suit your needs,  Defender do not keep copies of your Keys.


Q. How Do I Know My Details Are Secure When Ordering Online?

You can rest assured that your online payment details are secure.

All our online transactions are dealt with by a third party payment gateway, meaning that your card details are never viewed by us or anyone else.


Q. I'm Not Sure If My Order Was Successful What Should I do?

In the event that you place an order and you do not receive email confirmation, please contact us to confirm that the order was successful.


Q. What if I lose the Fitting Instructions?

Contact us with your Order Number requesting a pdf version.

Q. What type of Door can I fit the Defender to

May be considered for use by the Purchaser on Any Door at their discretion, Solid Wood is advisable.  Not suitable for UPVC doors. Not suitable for Public Exit Doors, if unsure, check with recognised Tradesman the suitability of the Defender for your Door.


Q. What Width Range of Door can I fit the Defender to

The Width Size of a Door the Defender can fitted to ranges from 32 inches to 34 inches plus door Surround which are usually 2" wide. Alternatively for Outward opening doors where the bars protrude into the Brickwork also allow 2". You can specify which type of door you wish to protect when ordering .. Inward / Outward  


Q. What if I lose the Fitting Instructions
Contact Defender at  with your Order Number requesting a pdf version


Q. Where on my Door can I fit the Defender
The usual position is Central with the Steel Forks above and below your existing Locks, however the Defender can be fitted to any suitable Door above or below the existing locks.